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We are a B2B Sales Enablement consultancy with 20 years experience in delivering eBusiness solutions for a wide range of customers, all of whose business needs are as different and unique as the solutions we provide. We do the clever bit that bridge the gap between marketing, sales and technology.

Our Focus

We focus 100% on delivering business value. Effective e-business is not just about leading edge technology or websites, but about how existing business processes and systems connect to and work with such a solution. B2B Sales Enablement is about creating a seamless workflow between you, your customers and your suppliers.

Our Approach

We believe in maximising value and minimising risk whilst not being afraid to do things differently. We deliver projects via a series of "sprints" with each iteration increasing in scope and value delivered. This approach is more agile in terms of responding to changing business requirements and more predictable in terms of budget and timescales.

Our Goal

To paraphrase from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland: "If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there if you walk long enough". Our goal is to ensure our customers know what they need, how it would benefit them and then we guide them as much or as little as they need to get them there.

Our Process

We begin by understanding your current business processes, customer behaviors and business objectives. We then give guidance on the best route to delivery whether it is working with an in-house team/systems, an existing provider or delivering the complete solution.


We recognise individual businesses have individual needs. We tailor our services around an agile framework that allows us to provide as much or as little help our customers need in achieving their goals. We build on our customers strengths and capabilities and support their weaknesses.

B2B Sales Enablement Consultancy

Often the first hurdle faced by marketing, sales and IT directors is defining the scope of a technical project and therefore budgetary requirements. Without known requirements any budget estimates that may be obtained from solutions providers will be inaccurate at best - most design orientated web development companies will base their estimate on using off-the-shelf software and hope that your needs could be accommodated, technical software developers will undertake time consuming detailed feature based design analysis that could add unnecessary cost. We do things differently - we focus on the business value provided by each business objectives rather than software features, and use a solution sizing technique that enables us to quickly and accurately define scope, likely budget requirements and delivery timescales.

B2B eCommerce Software Development

We are very experienced in delivering eBusiness solutions - whether working as a full stack development team or in conjunction with other internal and external project partners. We can even help you find any external resources required when appropriate - even we don't claim to be clever in everything! We will help you drive the project forward whether tasked with programme management or operating as part of a large team across different geographical or time zones. B2B Sales Enablement is not only about creating a seamless workflow between you, your customers and your suppliers but also ensuring communications and motivation of the delivery team.

EaaS and Joint Ventures

We can manage all your online marketing and sales activities under our eCommerce as a Service offering, leaving you to do what you are already good at - customer service and fulfilment - for an all-inclusive flat monthly fee. We are also open to investing in the right business opportunities, including providing support, mentoring and even initial seed-funding to Start-Ups. For more established businesses we are open to profit sharing and joint ventures - these generally run on a similar model to EaaS except on a "no profit no fee" basis.

Core Competencies

  • B2B Sales Enablement
  • B2B eCommerce Development
  • Multi-channel Content Publication
  • Online Catalogues / Web2Print
  • Customer Specific Pricing
  • Competitor Data Mining
  • Data Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) Automation
  • Project Requirements Definition
  • Vendor Selection
  • Programme Management

Selected Clients

Whether large or small, specialist or mainstream, covering many geographic or industry markets, Curvica clients have one thing in common - their successful exploitation of the Internet as a sales channel. Our work help increase their revenue, improve internal and external communications and systematically reduce their own and their partners' costs. We do the clever bit that makes this happen.

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Effective e-business is not just about leading edge technology or websites, but about how existing business processes and systems connect to and work with such a solution. We build our solutions on the most open and flexible platforms possible to ensure the software fits the business requirements rather than trying to make the requirements fit the software. Combining these best-of-breed platforms with our own bespoke software and technologies enables all parts of your eBusiness stack to work together exactly the way you need it to work. That is the clever bit we do.

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Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you! Tell us about your project requirements by dropping us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also call us on the number below or just come up to us and say hello if you see us, we are often found giving talks at industry events.